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Contemporary Art in Cluj

A Critical Overview

Since the new millennium, there has been coming a lot of noise from the Transylvanian city of Cluj, Romania. This new hotspot of contemporary visual artistic production has been delivering exciting artists at an incredible pace.

In this article, a critical overview is presented discussing the term Cluj School, sketching the historical context and the art scenes bounding factors, as well as its main representatives.



An Interview with Ruprecht von Kaufmann

"Painting as if Directing a Movie"

The German artist distinguishes himself from the bulk of contemporary figurative painters with his dynamic touch and unique colour palette. Strongly marked by an edge of surrealism and the absurd, von Kaufmann populates interiors and landscapes with figures. Drawing inspiration from daily life as a comment on reality, evoking intriguing narratives and captivating images.



Tonino Mattu

(b. 1979, IT)

Tonino Mattu, born in 1979 in Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy, is an Italian visual artist living and working Oristano, Sardinia, Italy. Mattu is known for his characteristic oil paintings of figures hovering between reality and fiction, effectuated by using a warm palette dominated by raw and/or burnt umber and sienna.



Adrian Ghenie

Exhibition Review at Tim Van Laere Gallery 

On a rather windy day in Antwerp, I favored paying a visit to the Tim Van Laere Gallery for the – extended – fifth solo show of the Romanian superstar Adrian Ghenie (b. 1977). The exhibition showcases new work, nine paintings and three charcoal drawings to be more precise, scintillating the characteristic Ghenie magic as soon as you enter the gallery.