CAI—the abbreviation of Contemporary Art Issue—is a leading hybrid contemporary art platform founded in 2020. From tabula rasa, CAI rethinks the traditional art platform by focusing on targeted content creation. In just four years, CAI has surpassed the reach and audience of numerous renowned art platforms worldwide, reaching 5 million people annually across three media channels; the website, YouTube channel, and Instagram page.

Today, CAI is one of the leading online magazines actively contributing to the written canonization of art, publishing articles, interviews, exhibition features, and artist features, having its finger at the pulse of the art world and an authority when it comes to industry-approved career advice for artists. As a result, our audience predominantly consists of avid exhibition visitors, art professionals, art collectors, curators, critics, gallery directors, artists, and art enthusiasts in general.

CAI believes every artist deserves affordable international exposure. Therefore, we have an open policy for submissions, reviewing submissions throughout the year as a public service and supporting talented emerging artists and high-quality art galleries, sharing our audience for the lowest possible administrative fees. All submissions are thoroughly reviewed on a weekly basis by the artistic director and members of the CAI advisory board.

Features and advertorials appear on the CAI homepage and become part of the searchable archive. All content includes a do-follow link, boosting the domain authority and rankings of the submitter’s website, and is featured in the CAI Instagram feed and story, tagging the submitter’s profile. Please note that we do not accept any paid inclusions for our top-list and emerging-list articles.

Artist/exhibition feature: Showcasing a specific artist or exhibition, in which the submitter provides a press release, biography, or curatorial text, including six to twelve high-resolution images, including metadata or photo credits, editing an artist/exhibition spotlight of approximately 500 to 1.000 words.

Advertorial interview: In collaboration with an assigned author of the CAI editorial staff, we create a full-length interview of approximately 1.500 to 3.000 words. 

Advertorial article: An assigned author of the CAI editorial staff will write a full-length essay article on a specific artist, exhibition, gallery, or organization, arguing their relevance in today’s art world in approximately 1.500 to 3.000 words. 

For more information, contact details, and pricing, please consult our submission kit here.

All submissions are carefully curated, and submitted by email to [email protected], specifying the desired feature or advertorial and relevant links or documents to support your submission (e.g., website, press release, portfolio, artist resume, etc.).