CAI aims to empower artists by sharing the unwritten rules of the world, crucial career tools, documents, and strategies for success in the highest realms of the art world.

As a hybrid platform and contemporary art gallery, CAI aims to empower artists by providing adequate and industry-approved advice to increase your chances for long-term success in the highest realms of the art world.

CAI responds to the high demand for accessible online information and advice for artists and the problematic lack of practical information for artists when it comes to trustworthy and authoritative sources on the World Wide Web and social media. Today, we encounter numerous blogs, channels, and pages offering advice for artists. However, these sources often have little to no in-field experience and authority in art, resulting in conflicting or even harmful advice for artists. Further, the high-end art world can be challenging to navigate—or even more, to enter—when being an outsider. As a result, CAI has identified this issue and aims to bridge this gap, empowering artists by researching, documenting, advising, and sharing the unwritten rules, expected behavior, and inside information of the art world, to make this information available and accessible to everyone. 

Our kaleidoscopic approach bundles proven strategies, real-life experiences, and industry-accepted information from the perspective of the artist, the gallery, the collector, or the curator—working closely with various actors active in the field. As a result, it is not our aim to discuss the obvious ingredients for success for artists—such as patience, willpower, sacrifice, dedication, or discipline—but to identify and raise awareness when it comes to the unwritten rules of the art world. Specific actions that actually make a difference—if not, thé difference—to start a professional career as an artist. 

About the Host & CAI Platform

CAI Advice for Artists is hosted by Julien Delagrange, a Belgian contemporary artist, art historian, and the founder and director of the CAI platform. Delagrange studied Science of Arts at the Ghent University, graduating my master’s degree magna cum laude, worked for various art world institutions, including the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) in Brussels, the Jan Vercruysse Foundation (artist estate) in Brussels, the Ghent University Library as a senior in the Special Collections, and as a freelancer, contributed to various exhibition catalogs, magazines, galleries, and educational programs as an art critic and guest lecturer. As an artist, before his 30th birthday, Delagrange is represented by various art galleries with solo exhibitions at renowned galleries across the globe.

In 2021, the host founded Contemporary Art Issue (CAI), the artistic denominator for the art world ventures beyond the personal artistic practice. The platform consists of an online magazine, contributing to the online canonization of contemporary art, rethinking the art platform, and surpassing the online reach of numerous established art platforms in just a few years. The same year, CAI Gallery was opened—a contemporary art gallery representing and exhibiting emerging and mid-career artists.

Most recently, thanks to the CAI YouTube channel, it has become the mission of CAI to empower artists by providing adequate and industry-approved advice for artists. Thanks to CAI audience, it became clear that there is a problematic lack of—and incredibly great need for—accessible online information and career advice that actually works in the art world. Due to in-field working experience and the network of CAI, consisting of numerous successful artists and galleries, but also operating as an art gallery and climbing the ladder of success as an artist personally, Julien Delagrange learned the unwritten rules of the art world. Rules, strategies, and information that are crucial to succeed but are nowhere being taught. Even more, there are so many false sources online, people without any in-field experience or success, guiding artists in the wrong direction and providing advice that is most harmful to an artist’s career. So it has become a personal avocation and moral duty to provide trustworthy, adequate, and proven career advice, sharing everything you need to know to become a successful artist, but nobody is telling you.

Photo portrait of Julien Delagrange (2023) (c)

What Our Clients Think About Our Products, Services & Content

Gerardo Bravo (United States of America)
It’s have been great to have a professional artist carrer advice. I’m very grateful with Julien Delagrange advices and all the information that he provides. Before I was kind of lost on how to advance on my career. With ICA I have a right path to continue with my art practice.

A.M. (Spain)
I love your channel and the accompanying video on how to create a professional artist CV with little experience was amazingly helpful.
However with the CV template there were some issues with the pre-determined structure that meant sentences /websites were cut off and automatically placed on the following line and unfortunately my level of IT knowledge meant that I couldn’t correct it! I do however recommend it to anyone wanting a quick and simple way to create a professional looking CV.

Maria (Australia)
CAI presents a wealth of knowledge by unraveling the mysteries around the art world. Their videos are made in a simple and approachable manner. I have also taken advantage of their artists’ services in two opportunities. Having English as my second language makes difficult the task of writing in adequate professional art lingo and CAI has made it possible for me to apply to multiple artists grants and residencies. Thanks to their writing services and reviews I have achieved some of these.

Aleks Crossan (Australia)
I LOVE what you are doing! I downloaded the CV and Artist Bio Templates and in one evening I had an EXCELLENT bio and professional looking CV. I think you guys are doing some amazing work, so helpful, genuine, informative, and inspiring. Finding your youtube channel and reading through the detailed articles on your website have given me a HUGE push to get things done (website, rent space for a solo exhibition, getting cv and resume done, planing an open studio day etc) and I am so grateful for that!

Loren Snyk (United States of America)
Julien is very knowledgeable and personable and did a fantastic and thorough job reviewing my artwork and providing some clear direction for improvement.

Suzanne McCrave (Australia)
I have learnt a lot and found the information both relevant and assessable. I have been able to put into practice much of what I have learnt watching these videos. I would recommend anyone curious about the art world and how they can fit into it to give this channel a watch. Keep up the great work.

Alice Shapiro (United States of America)
CAI has helped me fulfill my dream of being a professional artist by providing industry acceptable presentations and I am ever so grateful!!

Ralf Jacobs (Netherlands)
I have used CAI consultancy services for fine art in multiple occasions, and I am impressed and pleased with the quality, speed and service level offered. CAI has a personalized approach and a deep insight in the art world, that brings together a unique viewpoint that I can use as a beacon.

Alisa Palavenis (Lithuania)
CAI platform, guided by its artistic director Julien Delagrange, is a great discovery for contemporary artists worldwide. I’ve got the most use from CAI videos on YouTube and in person e-consultation with Julien. With YouTube videos I improve my knowledge in art history and get maximum satisfaction of its high quality and professionalism. During e-consultation, I got tons of valuable advices regarding my artist website, painting style, “art rules” in the artworld and much more. I highly recommend the CAI platform as a guide and resource for visual artists!

Cristina Rusu (Romania)
I’m thankful for all the information and support I received from CAI regarding my career as an artist because now I have a clear image on how I should proceed further. All the best 🙂

I.R. (Germany)
Unmachted resource for new artists: The art world has many unwritten rules, from how to create a professional website or resume, to how to price your art, to how to approach galleries. Insiders learn these things through practice, but they very much baffle outsiders. After exploring many resources to try to understand how the art world works, I can say that CAI resources (articles and videos) are simply the best out there. The no-nonsense approach is as refreshing as it is informative. I also took advantage of the advisory service. It was the best investment I made as an artist to address my specific peculiar questions. To make the most of the advisory service, it helps to prepare by learning everything you can from the CAI videos first. In general, I think CAI is a great service to new artists, particularly to outsiders who need a shortcut to demystify all the jargon and unwritten rules required for success in the art world

Kenny Ros (Belgium)
Leading by example: CAI platform is an inexhaustible source of information, knowledge and inspiration. A beacon of confidence in an intriguing art world.
CAI director Julien Delagrange is an experienced and highly educated art historian. His one-on-one artist advice is personal and profound and he guides you with his immense expertise and knowledge in the right direction. Noticeable in the weekly YouTube videos is the quality over quantity content, which is essential to maintain the high-end standard as a well-respected art platform and art gallery.

Adeline Thng (Singapore)
it greatly help me in summarising my artist bio, rather than me figuring out online and by myself.