Contemporary Art Issue (CAI) is a hybrid platform for contemporary art in the form of an online magazine, career advice services for artists, and a gallery program. With the online magazine, including a YouTube channel, CAI aims to contribute to the written (online) canonization of recent art history, having its finger at the pulse of contemporary art. It is also the mission of CAI to empower artists by providing adequate and industry-approved advice for artists for long-term success in the highest realms of the art world. CAI responds to the high demand for accessible, online information and advice for artists and the gap in the offer of practical information for artists when it comes to trustworthy and authoritative sources on the world wide web and social media. The kaleidoscopic approach bundles proven strategies, real-life experiences, and industry-accepted information from the perspective of the artist, the gallery, the collector, or the curator—working closely with various actors active in the field. The CAI Gallery program consists of on- and offline curatorial activities. Due to the interdisciplinary character of Contemporary Art Issue, CAI Gallery is able to implement a kaleidoscopic approach to rethinking the curatorial practice of a gallery for contemporary art, distinguishing itself from other galleries. The acquired research results, knowledge, and art scientific data of the CAI platform are translated into a carefully curated exhibition program and selection of artists. Besides being an exhibition space, CAI Gallery functions as the office of CAI and a project space for research, experiment, book launches, lectures, and other events.

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Burgemeester Lanneaustraat 8
8530 Harelbeke


Julien Delagrange (CAI director)
Dele Alliet (legal assistant)
Sylvia Walker (author)
Maxime Foucquet (author)
Gabriela Gaweda (author)
Trish De Buyser (photography & assistant)
Bart Rosschaert (technical assistant)

Alexander Tinei, Lucia Rossi, Nicola Samori, Gretchen Andrew, Colter Ruland, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Justin Mortimer, Sebastian Schrader, Teodora Axente, Mircea Teleagă, Szilard Gapsar, Remus Grecu, Yoshi D’haene, Kenneth Vanhove, Michiel Van Troys, Lieselot Hoedt, Branko Franceschi, Julian Bachmann, Joachim Kalka, Robyn Ward, Dr. Gindi, Victor Paukstelis, Jonathan Tremblay, Reza Mirghiassi, Erin Hansson, Cole Sternberg, Sarah Dwyer, Li Feng, Lou Daohua, James Porschen, among others.