Artist promotion & online representation

C.A.I. is occupied with sketching the current landscape of established artists, as well as supporting emerging artists. As a result, we provide a wide range of services to offer the emerging artist international exposure and visibility, empowering the artist to present his work to the art world through our online and social platforms.

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Submit a manuscript or project proposition

We are in a continuous search for artists, authors and concepts for possible upcoming issues, books and online publishing (find our services here). If you are interested in submitting a manuscript or a project proposition, please bear in mind that Contemporary Art Issue only produces and/or publishes within its selected field of research of contemporary art, and by extent, culture and philosophy.

Please send your curriculum vitae and a one page synopsis of your project to


(i) Submissions will only be read when written in English.

(ii) Submissions are accepted by email only.

(iii) Submissions are handled within 2-4 weeks.