Artist-Gallery Contract: Representation Agreement

The representation agreement is an essential contract for an ongoing collaboration with an art gallery discussing how they sell, exhibit, and promote your work. Make sure to consult our article on Artist Contracts & Agreements with Galleries for a more extensive explanation. By doing so, you remain the owner of the artwork, the gallery will sell your work, and afterward, you get paid for the sales qualified by the art gallery. This template consists of all the important and common agreements—so-called best practices—between the artist and the gallery, offering multiple options depending on how established you are and ensuring there are no further points of discussion throughout your collaboration. The template discusses the terms of sale, liability, insurance, shipping costs, additional costs, termination and duration, copyright protection, and more. By doing so, you, as an artist, are protected, your art is protected, and in a worst-case scenario, this protection is enforceable by law.


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