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This item – a collectible art book – is an exclusive limited edition print of 500 signed and numbered copies of the first publication by Contemporary Art Issue, functioning as a written [publisher] statement. The book includes an illustrated article, forming an apologia, not only for the existence of Contemporary Art Issue, but also for figurative painting in the 21st century.  


Every item is a unique, signed and numbered collectible art book. The book is part of a one-time print, limited edition of 500 unique, signed and numbered copies and 2 AP's. The first 50 copies are not destined for the free market. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve a copy by means of registration as a request for purchase. Reservations are limited to one order, piece or item per natural person. 

Apologia [ap-uh-loh-jee-uh] Noun. (i) An apology, as in defense or justification of a belief, idea, etc. (ii) Literature. A work written as an explanation or justification of one's motives, convictions or acts.


The selected field of research by Contemporary Art Issue has a strong focus on contemporary representational – figurative – painting, focusing mainly on 21st century art. Therefore, Apologia was written as an introduction and state of the art for this particular fragment of contemporary art, as a foundation and framework for further research and further issues. In recent years, this niche of figurative painting has become increasingly visible. However, as a result of several misconceptions and possible pitfalls in the public opinion and in contemporary art historiography, the notion of contemporary figurative painting is often rather problematic in certain circuits. For this publication, these misconceptions and difficulties serve as an apologia, illustrating the necessity of written art theory on figurative painting in the 21st century. 

Table of contents:

    Foreword – Apologia for Contemporary Art Issue

    Article – Apologia contemporary figurative painting

        Painting in retrospect

        Painting in a Post-conceptual era

        Painting in a digital era

        Painting in a Post-postmodern era

    Epilogue – Apologia for upcoming titles


    Selected works

    Selected bibliography

    Artist biographies



Interior pages:

Publisher: Contemporary Art Issue

Year of publication: 2021

Release: January 2021

Edition: Limited edition print of 500 signed and numbered copies

Status: Available for reservation

Editor: Julien Delagrange

Design: Lieselot Hoedt

Cover: Paperback

Dimensions: 250 x 176 mm (B5)

Pages: 80

Reproductions: 19

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