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Julien Delagrange (Director)

Trish De Buyser (Assistant director)

Sylvia Walker (Assistant director)

Dele Alliet (Legal assistance)

Lieselot Hoedt (Graphic design)

Bart Rosschaert (Technical assistance)


Szilard Gaspar (artist)

Andrew Gretchen (artist) 

Joachim Kalka (art critic) 

Lucia Rossi (art critic)

Colter Ruland (art critic)

Nicola Samorì (artist)

Ruprecht von Kaufmann (artist)

Julian Bachmann (art critic)

Branko Franceschi (art critic) 

Justin Mortimer (artist)

Sebastian Schrader (artist)

Remus Grecu (artist)


Contemporary Art Issue questions and rethinks the organization and methodology of the publishing house. As a result, the entity of Contemporary Art Issue expands the traditional offline activities of the publisher by establishing an online platform, community and forum, publishing online articles, interviews, columns and more, in close cooperation with the artists and other actors working in the field, reaching out to a wider audience and greater participation, distinguishing itself from other publishing houses.


Contemporary Art Issue is an international publisher of collectible art books. The formal and conceptual foundation of all printed publications build upon the artistic tradition of books as an alternate space for art. Therefore, the mission of Contemporary Art Issue is to reinstate the book as a collectible item in the context of artistic production, emphasizing the importance of the distribution of art in the form of reproduction and the book as a written statement in the debate of contemporary art.

The main activity as a publisher includes publishing monographic works, artist editions, overview books, exhibition catalogues and the production of collectible publication series on issues in contemporary art. The innovative formula and organization of the publishing house is characterized by artist-run projects, collaborations with various actors working in the field and an innovative approach and attitude towards book publishing in the 21st century.

Contemporary Art Issue 's main aim is to contribute to the written canonization of 21st century art. The selected field of research consists of recent art historiography and the current generation of contemporary artists, with a strong focus on contemporary figurative painting. Hereby, Contemporary Art Issue contemplates on the [active] role of the artist for (written) art criticism and historiography. 


Due to the interdisciplinary approach of Contemporary Art Issue, CAI Gallery implements a kaleidoscopic approach rethinking the curatorial practice of a gallery for contemporary art, distinguishing itself for other galleries. As a result, CAI effectuates the use of analytical research and a selected advisory board in the selection of represented artists.

Doing so, the selection is based upon; (i) objective art scientific facts and career trends (ii) the relevance of the artist in question in relation to the contemporary art scene (iii) a subjective analyses of an advisory board of experts, such as art historians, writers and other actors active in the working field.


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