Contemporary Art Issue offers a very competitive formula concerning the (co-)publishing of exhibition catalogues for art galleries, museums and artists. With this formula, for a fixed price without any unforeseen additional costs, we take care of the entire process of production (writing, editing, licensing and designing), printing and publishing in close cooperation with your enterprise or project.


Often, it is rather difficult to publish an exhibition catalogue, due to the short time span before the exhibition, the time consuming research and work in order to publish a high quality catalogue beside the preparation of the exhibition itself, the difficulty to estimate costs and the possibility of unforeseen additional costs, and the low return on investment in comparison to the risk and efforts. With our formula for exhibition catalogues, we take charge off the entire process and stick to the fixed price indicated in advance. Further, due to the highly competitive fixed price per finished product/book, the client — gallery, museum or artist — is able to sell its catalogue with a margin of profit around % 40 up to % 60 depending on the selected printing options such as size, paper, binding, hardcover/paperback and the amount of copies.


As an actor working in the field of the art world, we understand the difficulty for the gallery other institutions the order a high volume of copies for the catalogue of a temporary exhibition. Therefore, we have arranged an affordable printing solution for smaller editions with our partners in printing, in order to offer competitive prices for editions starting from a minimum of 250 copies. In order to achieve this competitive price, the options concerning the printing services are limited, yet high standard and a guarantee for quality. 

In order to establish a high end result, we require four weeks for the entire production after receiving the necessary information, such as high quality images and metadata of the selected artworks, information on the selected artists and other specific requests by the client. 

For further inquiries or to receive an obligation free quote (see required information and conditions below) for a catalogue for your exhibition or project, please take up contact by mail to info@contemporaryartissue.com

Required information and conditions to receive an obligation free quote: 

(i) The used languages are English, Dutch, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

(ii) How many paintings will be featured in the exhibition?

(iii) What format would you prefer? Options: A4 (290 x 205 mm), B5 (240 x 170 mm) or A5 (205 x 145 mm).

(iv) Hardcover or paperback?

(v) What type of paper do you prefer? Options: white 90 g/m2, cream 90 g/m2, white mat coated 150 g/m2. 

(vi) How many copies would you like to order (range: 250-1000+)?


Being an artist-run publishing house, producing collectible art books, we have a tender spot in our hearts for artist editions. Therefore, we would gladly sit down and discuss the possibilities to realize your artist edition. To take up contact, please send your curriculum vitae or artist resume and a one page synopsis of your project to info@contemporaryartissue.comWe'll get back to you as soon as possible! (Or go to submit)


(i) Submissions for artist editions will only be read when written in English, Dutch, French, and German. 

(ii) Submissions are accepted by email only.


For all inqueries concerning co-publishing, please take up contact by mail to info@contemporaryartissue.com.