Remus Grecu

(b. 1976, RO)

Remus Grecu. Photo: RG (c).

Remus Grecu, born in Bucharest, is a Romanian painter currently residing and working in Bucharest, Romania. Grecu is known for his deeply psychological paintings rendered in a distinctive representational visual language. Marked by surrealism, the absurd and various sociological issues, Grecu depicts dream-like images of figures in an 'in-between' state, frozen in time and space.

"My work explores the relationship between reality and poetry within a defined cinematic intensity. The display of light and shade is also an important aspect of my paintings"

Vivid colours and an unparalleled imagination are key characteristics of the Romanian virtuoso. Grecu builds his own sets and attributes in order to 'direct' the image he is looking for. By manner of photography, Grecu makes his sketches of these scenes before painting them over a long period of time. As a result, the paintings look like moving 'stills' with the seductive quality of a painting. Doing so, the Romanian painter investigates themes such as magic, isolation, rites, corruption of the human mind, censorship, religion, social disease and alienation.

"As an artist I'm not to reveal answers through my work, however to generate questions for the spectator and make them think and wonder. I am not interested in representing 'per se' the subject from within my paintings, as much as I want to veil it under a certain kind of haze and a poetical whiff. After all, the subject is in the eye and mind of the viewer, the artist should deliver veiled subjects and mystery."

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Career facts

Grecu studied at the University of Arts in Bucharest, before moving to London and Stockholm. The Romanian artist has exhibited across the globe and participated in institutional and/or museum shows, for instance the Romanian Culture institute in Stockholm, Sweden or the Staedel Art Museum in Frankfurt, Germany.

Selected works

Remus Grecu, Naked liberty, 2015. Oil on linen – 143 x 140 cm. Courtesy CAI Gallery.

Remus Grecu, Soul thieves, 2013. Oil on linen – 143 x 124 cm. Courtesy CAI Gallery.

Remus Grecu, Behind every crime is a ..., 2017. Oil on linen – 269 x 168 cm. Courtesy CAI Gallery.

Remus Grecu, The gleaners, 2019. Oil on linen – 150 x 135 cm. Courtesy CAI Gallery.

Remus Grecu, Satyagraha, 2017. Oil on linen – 73 x 57 cm. Courtesy CAI Gallery.

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