Alex Mirutziu

(b. 1981, RO)

Portrait of Alex Mirutziu. Photo: Studio International.

Born in 1981 in Sibiu, Romania, Alex Mirutziu is a contemporary artist living and working in Cluj-Napoca, Romania and London, the United Kingdom. Mirutziu is best known for his performance-, installation- and object-based artistic practice using his body as a mechanism to create art.

Being one of the most important artists from the contemporary art scene in Cluj, Mirutziu has achieved international recognition with his multidisciplinary practice. The Romanian artist is intrigued by the body, fault, correction or misunderstanding. As a result, Mirutziu examines issues such as social processes, mediation, interaction and self-familiarization.

The impelling force for his complex oeuvre is the artist himself as a catalyst for new works. Mirutziu's artistic practice is dominated by his autobiography and his own body. Instead of being the subject producing art, the artist becomes the object used as a tool. One could describe the artist as a vehicular medium, navigating the artwork.[1]

Beside encompassing a wide range of media and activities within his artistic practice, such as sculpture, drawing, poetry and performance, Mirutziu also occupies himself with critical and curatorial projects.

Career facts

Alex Mirutziu has exhibited and performed across the globe. His works have been shown and represented by industry leading galleries and has exhibited at major institutions such as Power Plant in Toronto, Canada; the Glass Factory Lab in Boda, Sweden; the Mucsarnok Kunsthalle in Budapest, Hungary; the Center for Contemporary Art and National Museum in Warsaw, Poland; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Bucharest, Romania; La Kunsthalle Mulhouse in Mulhouse, France; Kunsthalle Winterthur in Winterthur, Switzerland; Kunsthalle Bega in Timișoara, Romania; the Contre for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv, Israel, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, the United Kingdom and La Biennale di Venezia in Venice, Italy.

Having studied at the Art University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania; the University of Fine Arts in Cuenca, Spain and the University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom, Alex Mirutziu has lectured at major institutions such as the Royal Collega of Arts in London, the United Kingdom; the Von Krahl Theatre in Estonia; Kunstfack in Stockholm, Sweden and the Bezalel University of Art and Design in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Selected works

Alex Mirutziu, Because, 2019. Wooden object, cutout text – 190 × 130 × 20 cm. Courtesy Art Encounters Foundation.

Alex Mirutziu, I can do mornings, 2012. Archival print – 70 × 93.5 cm. Edition 1/3 + 2AP. Courtesy Sabot, Cluj-Napoca.

Alex Mirutziu, Sock Face, 2010. Light box. Courtesy Art Encounters Foundation.

Alex Mirutziu, This, like... (12), 2017. Graphite on paper – 20.2 × 29.7 cm. Courtesy MLF, Brussels.

Alex Mirutziu, Unforgotten if unpunished. Courtesy Art Encounters Foundation.

Alex Mirutziu, Architecture for page turn 3, 2014. A4 paper and lead objects – variable dimensions. Courtesy Art Encounters Foundation.


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