Overview: Services and Fees for Online Representation and Submissions

Latest update: November 1st, 2020.





Please email to info@contemporaryartissue.com to make your submissions. Please note to mention your preferred promotion (social media, article, interview, etc.), the name of the artist including a link to a portfolio of the artist in question (of any kind: website, social media page, blog, gallery page, etc.).

All submissions are reviewed and approved by Contemporary Art Issue based on quality and suitability for our platform (s.n.: only contemporary artists can be accepted). The approval will be communicated by mail.

As soon as your online representation or promotion is ready to be published, we will send you an invoice for payment by transfer. When the payment is received, the promotion is published directly.


The target audience consists mainly of art collectors, art galleries, artists and art lovers in general. 

In total, Contemporary Art Issue is viewed online over 500.000 times every 30 days.


A post on social media of an artwork tagging the artist

€ 25,-



Artist spotlight* (600 up to 1000 words)

€ 150,-

Interview** (1200 up to 1500 words)

€ 250,-

Interview** (2200 up to 3000 words)

€ 400,-

Book review*** (800 up to 1200 words)

€ 300,-

Exhibition review (800 up to 1200 words)

€ 350,-

Article**** (600 up to 800 words)

€ 500,-

Article**** (1200 up to 1500 words)

€ 800,-

Additional option: publication is promoted on our social media (story and post)

€ 20,-


*Artist spotlight: The text and images for the artist spotlight must be provided by the submitting client and is reviewed and edited by the editor in chief of the website.

**Interview: An interview consists of a written conversation by the submitting client and the editor in chief of the website. 

***Book review: In order to review the book, the submitting client needs to provide a hard copy of the book in question.

****Article: An article is a text written by one of our certified writers. The written article becomes the property of the submitting client and is permitted to be used for his multiple purposes, such as on his website, portfolio, artist resume, exhibition catalogues, press releases, et cetera.